kyste 5tihi dy2kz yab7i hf9sy fe7hs iza4d ey2s6 9yr27 bf7dd ekke5 7k95z rbfs6 kzn9d h822z t35r6 8zfi4 aed99 3rb87 7htif ztehf Trading Ender KC, TW R63, KCR R63 and Uber Spy SCR + Cosmetics and Items MLF: SPOVA or A tiers NLF: Non Overpay Downgrades |

Trading Ender KC, TW R63, KCR R63 and Uber Spy SCR + Cosmetics and Items MLF: SPOVA or A tiers NLF: Non Overpay Downgrades

2022.01.24 10:05 AIal9123 Trading Ender KC, TW R63, KCR R63 and Uber Spy SCR + Cosmetics and Items MLF: SPOVA or A tiers NLF: Non Overpay Downgrades

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2022.01.24 10:05 Dario56 Dot Indexing is Not Supported for Variables of This Type

As I understand, this error occurs when we define a variable as numerical and than call it as a structural. In another words, dot indexing is a way of accessing data fields in a type of matlab variable called a struct (structure).
Problem is that I have no intention of doing this, I am only using dots to multiply terms in a vector (numerical variable) with some other variables/numbers. I have no structural variables and so I don't want to access data fields.
This is an example from my code:
A2e = x1e.tau12G12 where tau12 and G12 are symbolic variables and x1e is a vector 1x10.
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2022.01.24 10:05 Ahbomager Wish that he’s in the game

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2022.01.24 10:05 SnooWords2458 [RF] The Sundowner

"You are beautiful," my reflection whispers to me. I twirl around in my black sheath dress, which goes well with my tan skin and blond curls, wondering how long I can keep it hidden.
"Are you ready, darling? ", calls Karl from the terrace. While I quickly powder my nose and put on a little lipstick, I think today is the right day to tell him. I step outside to my beloved, who is sitting by our pool high above the soft blue Pacific with a highball. The thermometer still reads 88 degrees Celsius. I kiss Karl on his black hair. His tangy scent mixes with the fragrance of the bougainvillea and Jacaranda bushes to form a one-breathtaking cocktail. On the pool, hibiscus blossoms sway like little Inflatable boats.
"Time for a sundowner", I say and pull my beloved out of the deck chair. With the jeep that belongs to our bungalow at Hotel Las Torres, we drive through the steep mountain paths of the flamingo-colored casita town on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Occidental. A table is already reserved for us on the terrace at the Bella Vista restaurant.
"Ten more minutes and then it's time, my darling," Karl says. I lose myself in his velvet eyes. The light breeze that gave this hotel its name above the bay of Acapulco dances a Foxtrot with the palm fronds.
"The usual?", the waiter asks.
"I want champagne today", I say, putting on my most seductive smile.
"Champagne it is", says Karl.
The sun, hovering like a yellow ball on the west side of the bay, is getting ready for its grand entrance. White yachts bob in the bay, they say Onassis will come today. The high-rise buildings on the beach and the casitas on the mountains surrounding the bay sparkle like crystal chandeliers. The waiter brings a silver cooler with a bottle of Dom Perignon, which he skillfully opens with a soft plop.
"Bello", "Stunning", resounds from the surrounding tables as the yellow ball dips into the horizon, turning the sky into a fire-breathing volcano.
"Ordered especially for you," says Karl.
Now, I think, is the right moment. We toast ourselves and order a menu of shrimp salad, coconut sorbet, steamed red snapper and guava cream. Chablis is served with it. Down in the bay, a riva circles between the red glowing mountain slopes.
"We're having a baby," I say, holding my breath.
Now it all depends on how he reacts.
Karl still looks affectionate. The second stretches into days, and then he smiles.
"Oh Ella, that's wonderful, darling, that's fantastic!".
I exhale. The wind plays a hymn to our love with the palm leaves.
"And you're really not mad?", I ask, my mouth dry as the Mexican desert despite the champagne.
"Ella, I love you so much. Let's drink to that, to our future."
I down the champagne like spring water.
"Oh God, darling, now I actually forgot my wallet in the bungalow".
"So what, we can have the food written on the room," I say, by now quite a lady of the world, of a world that I got to know through him.
"I should get it anyway, not that it will still be stolen," says Karl. "And then we'll celebrate, I promise."
I nod and Karl heads for the exit. Another sip of champagne, my hand shaking so much I almost spill it. In a moment he's going to propose to me, I think, I hope, no, I know it. What a fool I was to think he wouldn't be happy. Just because we've been together for three years and still not engaged. Because he was always "paying attention." No, I shake my head, he really was happy. What's taking him so long? It doesn't take longer than ten minutes to get there.
The waiter comes with the shrimp. I look around on the terrace. At the next table sits an older American couple, she wears rhinestone-studded glasses with butterfly wings and so much jewelry that you could decorate a Christmas tree with it. Further back, two men are talking spiritedly in Spanish. My eyes meet those of a young woman holding hands with a man who could be her grandfather. She smiles. I smile back and start poking around in the shrimp.
Where is Karl? "Don't be stupid," my inner voice whispers to me, "he's trying to find an engagement present for you somewhere." What if he's had an accident? Or been mugged? Passed out? I wave to the waiter and ask if I can make a phone call somewhere. He leads me to the counter. No one answers the phone in the bungalow. I try the reception desk. I ask if there has been an accident. Who I am looking for. "Kaarel Schmidt from Germany," I say. The answer in Mexican-colored English tells me that Karl left the hotel in the Jeep ten minutes ago. And I am reassured. Nothing has happened to him. He's just going to jet quickly to Acapulco and try to find an engagement present. Karl, Karl, I love you so much.
In the meantime, I dig into the sorbet, which cools my heated mood down to normal. The Chablis does the rest. When the Chablis is already half empty, the waiter comes with the fish. I look at the clock, Karl has been gone for more than an hour now.
No, I don't want any fish now, I've lost my appetite. Typical man, instead of celebrating with me, he's hanging out in Acapulco. Another glass of Chablis. That's enough now. I ask the waiter for the bill and sign it. Since Karl has the jeep, I have to walk. Of course, the high heel of my right shoe promptly breaks off on the stony hillside. It doesn't matter, I take the shoes in my hand and move as if on smoldering coke. Finally, behind the hibiscus hedge is our casita. Oh God, I'm so drunk. The door to the bungalow is open. And behind it is - nothing. No Karl, no luggage, no purse, not even my own things anymore. I feel sick, I stagger into the bathroom and throw up. The guy didn't even leave me the toothpaste. There is a knock.
"Come in", I say, and think, why are you only coming now?
"Well, Ella, are we really hungry tonight?" This stupid turkey of a nurse always talks about we. Besides, my name is Schuster. In the retirement home you even lose the right to your last name.
"What's for dinner?", I ask.
"Delicious cooked fish", says Nurse Bexley, so much for the right to one's own name.
"But Ella, honey, it's from the Pacific.
She releases the brakes on my wheelchair and I smell her sweat.
"Before we go to dinner, let's have a little nip of this."
"But Ella, this is our sundowner!"
What's too much is too much. With my blue-veined hand, I swipe the sippy cup with the effervescent tablet from her fingers.
"I don't give a shit about your sundowner!"
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2022.01.24 10:05 Rushil-R ITC supremacy 📉

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2022.01.24 10:05 tawayacct085 What is the stupidest reason one of your relationships ended?

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2022.01.24 10:05 LinkXNess With the new Janna update, is solo-lane Janna even possible anymore?

Or do you need the extra onhit damage too much?
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2022.01.24 10:05 a-rahat Director OMS: Este "plauzibilă" ideea că Omicron ar putea aduce sfârşitul pandemiei în Europa

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2022.01.24 10:05 BeanosTheBeanz ITAP duck in crystal clear water

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2022.01.24 10:05 universosmartwatch Xiaomi Mi Watch baja de precio.

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2022.01.24 10:05 David090501 SR Crashes after installing UMF

Hi, so i decided to come back to slime rancher to start playing again, but when i start SR with umf installed, the game crashes at the loading screen before the main menu, i tested with no umf mods, Crash. I tested without UMF, Not crashed. I have reinstalled and installed the latest version but none of it seems to fix the crash.
I have the Epic Games version (i got it when epic game made it free for a few days)
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2022.01.24 10:05 fedyamatroskin 14Nissan Murano, power steering pump made its death whine at -19F…now it’s hard af to turn still drivable. How much will this run me?

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2022.01.24 10:05 JustCallMeNon Question

I know it's a bit behind with everything still going on but has anyone gotten their W2s yet handed to them or have heard of when we are supposed to get them? (And yes I know I could just print them or something of I choose the option but I like getting physical copies of things)
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2022.01.24 10:05 Medical_Caregiver_46 New Collection: Psych Sports NFT
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2022.01.24 10:05 burningmajo Precious

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2022.01.24 10:05 dabbledibbledoo Good shout!

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2022.01.24 10:05 PhenomenalZJ Attack on titan final season part 2 episode 3 spoiler zamn

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2022.01.24 10:05 anonymous735745 Dead tired. Drained.

Exhausting na ang pandemic. I remembered someone telling me if this job is still worth it noong Im about to quit my job:
If you would gladly do it for free, if money is no longer an issue, if it inspires you to do great things, if it brings you joy and happiness at the end of the day, and if it gives a sense of accomplishment even if you’re dead tired and exhausted.
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2022.01.24 10:05 bdc999 Help with RCD in UK hotel

Have a small hotel in the UK.
Problem with rcd tripping yesterday. Deep cleaning kitchen and got water in the extractor fan, it was powered off at the socket and switched off at the wall. I'm assuming this was the start of the problem as nothing else has changed.
Noticed rcd had tripped and would not come back on - blamed extractor fan. Made sure it was unplugged and completely disconected. rcd would not come back on - nothing else had tripped.
Unplugged all devices from sockets and rcd would stay on and then trip - anywhere between a few seconds to a few mins. Tried this many times and can't figure out any pattern.
I did notice that the reset button on the rcd does not trip
I'm now at the point with all MCB's unplugged and the rcd will not stay on at all
Is it possible the rcd was on its way out and the initial problem has just caused it to die?

Many thanks
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2022.01.24 10:05 FamiliarAd8594 Lilith Cavaliere Oh … Amazing boob twerking !!!

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2022.01.24 10:05 MarshallBrain Boeing invests $450 million in flying taxi developer Wisk

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2022.01.24 10:05 MajorMozart A pair of table ready Boyz from last week. Getting closer to a full 30.

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2022.01.24 10:05 ladypagany Done some make-up and felt cute. F29

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2022.01.24 10:05 NotUniqueUsernameee Would someone be willing to help me with a question regarding filing a W-4 for a new job?

I have in-person resources to figure this out, but I figured I’d start with the easiest option (the great minds of Reddit) first.
I’m completely confused about steps 2-4: *Complete this step if you (1) hold more than one job at a time, or (2) are married filing jointly and your spouse also works. The correct amount of withholding depends on income earned from all of these jobs.
Do only one of the following.*
It goes on to give me my options. I am married, and I do intend on filling jointly. My wife already has federal taxes withheld, obviously. Will I be taxed in a higher bracket if I submit my wife’s financial information, even though she’s already taxed? I just don’t really understand the concept. There’s an option to enter any additional tax I want withheld each pay period, is that where I submit her income?
Thanks for anyone who helps. I’m seeing my tax professional Friday to knock out our W-2’s and tax returns from last year, and I could ask him. I’m just trying to get this done and over with.
Much appreciated!
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2022.01.24 10:05 SnooCookies8252 I don’t understand this meta

Have been going at 6-7 losses now and I still don’t understand what is going on? Just demoted to plat IV and I was plat II 70+ LP 2 days ago. Every comp I play gets contested, look I have been playing since set 1 and I’m trying my hardest not to tilt each game.. I’ve tried repositioning, following guides nothing seems to work? I love this game but I might just quit at this rate :(
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