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Prototype peripheral for the PC Junior.

2022.01.24 11:03 mrsunshine5 Prototype peripheral for the PC Junior.

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2022.01.24 11:03 SundarDannana How to calculate Fracture Toughness in metals? - ExtruDesign

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2022.01.24 11:03 nyquist_karma Looking for this Matrix poster's image in high resolution

This is the image I am looking for. Any help would be highly appreciated.
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2022.01.24 11:03 NeatEyez It's tanking. Are you truly an ape? Or is that term dead like the market?

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2022.01.24 11:03 80MPA Goose emerging from the water

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2022.01.24 11:03 KainTheDemon [M4Anyone Playing F] Tournament for Betrothal

This RP does NOT have to be violent, and this idea is moreso the start of a RP that we can build up. Also, sorry, I could not think of a better title for this RP
Magic. An ancient and powerful force, unparalleled by any instrument or tool created by humanity. It is said those with magic are capable of forming a weapon from their very soul combined with their magic. This weapon allows them to use their magical ability and all the techniques they have created with it. One can have a sword that spits ice, or a set of boots that increase speed. Techniques can be developed using these tools, combined with magic properties. But this is not pertinent to you, as you do not have magic, yes? Well, long ago, some people did possess this immense force, and they used it to wage wars and protect those they cared about. Or they used it for their own selfish gain. But, there was a catch to it all...
In the ancient land of Acrua, your power is all that matters. Humans have been given the gift of magic, and while not all humans possess it, even those that do can have useless abilities. The amount of magic you are born with is the amount you are stuck with your entire life, no matter how much you train or try to improve yourself. And whenever you begin to manifest magic, your abilities are quickly assessed and you are given a ranking. When you're born with magic, the amount you have, the ability you have, your control over it, those are the only things taken into consideration when you're given your rank. Those lucky enough, are born with the average power and rank, and thus, they have an average life, most of the time as soldiers and peacekeepers. Those born with little are expected to take up the heavy labor and menial labor jobs if they expect to make any money at all.
Now, out of the multiple Kingdoms, Oniret was a rather smaller Kingdom. This meant that they were fiercely reliant on power and military force. They also fiercely defended and set up rules and laws to guarantee the safety of their people and that things could be controlled more easily. And so, in the Kingdom of Oniret, the Prince or Princess is usually betrothed to someone on their 18th Birthday. And the way this is decided, is that a tourney is held, and the one who defeats the other competitors can take on the Prince or Princess for their hand in marriage. And this was no exception for the current Princess of Oniret. Being born an Aristocrat, with two parents with powerful abilities of their own, naturally she possessed great magic power. But not just any great power, she possessed the greatest amount of natural magic that ANYONE had ever had before. She possessed a powerful magical type, a strong body, and a beauty that was unparalleled.
Her birthday had come, and men from across many kingdoms have come to try and win her hand in marriage. Peasants, Royals, Soldiers, anyone and everyone can join in the tournament. However, with the strongest competitors around the world. Thus, most villagers and people came to watch the tourney instead of competing in it. But, out of the countless C, B, and maybe even A-Ranked people coming to compete, one man stood out from them all. People laughed, no one expected much, but one lone F-Rank stood among the countless Titans of strength that surrounded him. Not everyone could show off their skills, and some C-Ranks could defeat B-Ranks through technique or other means, but no one could ever expect an F-Rank to do much. But not just any F-Rank, the one that was said to have the lowest magical power in all of history.
But things are more than they appear to be. Sometimes it takes one lone man to change the world, even if it is slow and painful. Who was the man hoping to do the changing? Well, the protagonist of this story. Or, it depends on your perspective of course. Some may call him the protagonist, some may call him a nuisance, others may call him Shiro Kurosaki. But the only way you can know the rest of this story is if you live it. Watch the tourney, witness strength, and see if this underdog truly is what everyone thinks he is. Or if Shiro Kurosaki is much more than anyone could ever expect him to be.
This Role-play will hopefully be a more long term one. You will play the Princess, and we can play this in any number of ways. Skipping to the final fight, having her watch them all, and maybe some other scenarios too. This is an open RP and I would love to RP it with someone! Now, I ask that you be muli-paragraph, since that is my own length.
I'm not too good with slow burn, but if you want to play it that way, I can try. If you want them to quickly fall for eachother, that is fine too. We can play this any number of ways, and it'll be all up to us how we decide to do it. So, if you're interested, do not be hesitant and hit me up! Thank you and I hope you have a good morning/afternoon/evening!
P.S. - I would like some 18+ Content in this RP, but it does not have to be the main element of it.
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2022.01.24 11:03 PanBoiAsh The Orion Nebula

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2022.01.24 11:03 IMustHaveTheZucc How's Your New Year's Resolution Holding Up?

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2022.01.24 11:03 Kotzillax Does the PS5 support A2DP?

Question above. I know that the PS4 hadn't A2DP support due to lagging issues. But how's about the PS5?
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2022.01.24 11:03 realaliceredlips Sending a good vibes to you my darling💖

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2022.01.24 11:03 sethabrikoos Say No More

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2022.01.24 11:03 danhngonvacuocsong Những câu nói lãng mạn về tình yêu cho cô ấy

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2022.01.24 11:03 Intrepid_Section_399 Wer will über sie schreiben mit Bilder von ihr, schreibt mir

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2022.01.24 11:03 Clint_Wulf CB1 FAQ

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2022.01.24 11:03 stupid-cat-with-face The 1840 election: the four party system.

President Webster is running for re-election after a eventual four years in office. The nation is dividing and the economy is failing giving Webster a difficult challenge for his re-election.
Background: in what has been called the most important election in American history with the rise of the abolitionist movement and the failing economy as well as the sectional divide with the deep southern states acting on there own. As well as the tension growing in Oregon as well as in Texas. War seems in the horizon with it be with, England, Mexico or even the union itself. Webster having declared that “the storm has gathered and union in its eye”
The Economy: the panic of 1837 rages on after a recovery period in 1838. 1839 proved the worse of it with the economy stagnating at the low point for the early party of 1840 but slowly going up by Election Day. In July of 1839 the bank of New York declared bankruptcy and the city of New York begun to be hit hard and October 28th a few days before the election started. The New York riots happened where mobs of nativist and Irish came into conflict and 12 dead and 32 wounded. Soon after New York declared bankruptcy more state banks feel apart and it seemed as tho the economy was going to fail completely. Webster then in response passed the recovery act which in many things included the national bank absorbing state banks and taking direct control of them. But it also put a checks and balance system on the banks power. The act also included tighter land regulations as well a inflation increase. This proves to be extremely controversial as since 1832 inflation has more then tripled largely in the last 2 years. Webster has picked up Adams old project of internal improvements. Webster has also talked about raising taxis and or tariffs.
Foreign affairs: with the end of the Texas revolution that started late into clays term. Many want to expand westwards and annex Texas. But especially abolitionist don’t want to expand slave power and more importantly provoke war with a foreign power. But many believe it will happen eventually as war seems in the horizon in the frontier. Or for some in the nation itself. In 1837 Canadian rebels crossed into the American border in an attempt to gather forces to rebel in Canada. Webster sent Scott to solve the situation. Tension eventually claimed.
State of the union: calls for Indian removal have been reignited after wars in the south and to a lesser degree the northwest. With southerns and westerners having supported Indian removal but the federalist majority in congress is extremely opposed to it so despite it’s resurgence in popularity it is likely to not pass. But many in the Democratic-Republican party are hopeful. The Alabama war as it is known has been raging in the Alabama/Georgia area since august 1839. It has only gotten worse since then, General Taylor was sent to calm the situation however nothing has come of it and Taylor is still waiting orders as to attack or to retreat but the violence still continues. Libera was made a office US colony in Webster’s term and ships deporting slaves be it willingly or not. Webster has also sent the Jones/Ross expedition which is yet to return to American but one ship has been spotted off the coast of Labrador. The biddle controversy tarnished Webster’s reputation as then treasure security Nicholas Biddle was found guilty of mass scale corruption and fraud. He was quickly removed from the cabinet.
The coming storm: it is seen as inevitable now with the annexation issue proving to become more prevalent especially with the Dallas campaign. As well as the Origen dispute getting more tense. The Alabama war raging in the south. The abolitionist movement radicalizing and the south feeling like it is on the defense against northern federalist. The South Carolina succession have begun to bring up talks again less then 8 years after it subsided. The nation seems to be in a crossroads with this election proving pivotal to the future and with 3 main options. The taxes is considered to be tight but every faction believes they will win.
The candidates
Daniel Webster: the controversial incumbent president from Massachusetts he is 58. He won against James Birney in the convention facing significant abolitionist challenges. Webster however won 65-35 percent of the delegates. Webster campaign is largely economic as well as on anti expansionist and on continuing federalist social policy’s. Webster is one of the architects of the relief bill he wants to insure it is not replied or removed. Webster is adamant it will help the Economy grow and prosper. Webster also wants to get to where every state bank for each state in under control of the national bank and he wants to monopolize the national bank, it is already the largest economic institution in the nation. Webster wants to gradually cut tariffs by 7 percent by 1844. Webster believes that the national bank will be the main asset to economic recovery. But people like Dallas say it cussed the panic and that it lead to over investment and the panic was caused by the banks self implosion.
Webster is also anti expansionism and wants to curve any attempt to expand calling it “dangerous radicals overthrowing to sovereignty of the union, a slave owners dream of total control”. Webster has said he would not aid Mexico if it tries to gain Texas back and that he would not aid Texas. Webster has shot down all annexation attempts to annex Texas. Webster wishes to keep his policy of peace. Webster has stated he “has unwavering confidence in general Taylor, any calls for removal are unethical and brash” Webster is extremely against removal and wants to solve the situation peacefully. Webster believes that the Alabama war was started by southerns not natives. Webster after facing significant abolitionist pushback wants to take more direct use of the ACS and use the presidents power to push abolitionist forward. Webster has called his actions with the biddle controversy just and to some extent noble Webster and his supporters believe he acted well to fire biddle and that Webster was not involved in the corruption or scandal.
•wants to keep the relief bill
•wants to continue his economic policy’s saying they will help recovery
•Webster wants to monopolize the national bank.
•wants a small deduction of tariffs
•firmly anti expansionism
•shot down any Texas annexation proposals
•extremely against Indian removal
•blames southerns for the Alabama war
•has campaign against slavery
•Webster has defended his record on corruption
Vice President nominee. Myron Holley.
Francis Granger: 47 year old representative from New York. A northern National-Republican he is a moderate in the party. He beat out clays own choice for the nomination John J. Crittenden of Kentucky. In a decent margin. Granger is running as the moderate choice and the anti corruption choice. Granger supports the recovery act but believes it should be modified. Granger wants to remove the inflation aspect, believing it to be harmful to the economy and hopes the national-republicans can win enough seats in congress to negotiate its removal. Granger also doesn’t believe in regulation of the price of land in the western territory’s. But granger is for internal improvements and wants to found them to help unemployment. Granger has accused the Webster administration of corruption even before the biddle controversy and believes Webster was personally involved in it. Granger wants to curve corruption and crackdown on it. Granger believes that the national bank has gotten greedy on its own power and that it should be investigated and granger wants to curve corruption especially in the bank. Granger is a moderate on both the issue of slavery and expansion.
Granger believes in a compromise for Oregon territory now that the issue has come light on the national scale. Granger believes that a compromise will make both sides happy for the dispute. Granger believes Texas annexation to be dangerous and likely to provoke a war. So he doesn’t support it. Granger believes that trade needs to pick up again and that it will help the nation grow and move forward. Granger wants a peaceful resolution to the Alabama war. Granger is opposed to Indian removal and wants to not resort to that but believes it is a option. But granger is optimistic about a peaceful end to the conflict.
•wants to modify the recovery act
•wants to remove the inflation, of the recovery act
•opposed to land regulation
•for internal improvements
•anti corruption.
•moderate on expansion
•anti Texas annexation
•wishes for a peaceful end to the Alabama war
•believes removal to be a last case option
Vice. Willie P. Magnum.
George Dallas: 48 year old, governor of Pennsylvania. He was the first candidate for the newly merged democratic-republican party and Independence Party. They elected to keep the DR name. Dallas runs on nationalism and expansionist ideas and on opposition to federalist economics. Dallas also runs on cleaning up the federal government and is a moderate on slavery and removal. Dallas does not support the recovery act having spoken out against it while governor. Dallas believe it expanded the power of the bank to much, as well as was going to increase the economic damage. Dallas however has praised the proposed checks and backed in the bank and believes it will help make the bank more fair to every state. Dallas also supports internal improvements he has said it will help the national develop faster and will help expansion. As well as the regulation of land in the west. But he wants to lower the price of land to encourage settlers. Dallas main platform is for expansionism. Dallas wants to annex Texas and admit it as a new state. Dallas also wants to grant Nova Scotia state hood. Dallas believe annexation can be carried out without war and believes that Mexico wouldn’t not declare war if a boundary is set.
Dallas wants to approach the British government and compromise for Oregon territory. Dallas believe that it will help stabilize the area and prevent any conflict of interest for the future. Dallas believe that the Alabama state government and the creek nation can find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Dallas does want to show that the federal government is in charge and show federal authority in the crisis. Dallas believe removal to be a last case situation but still a option. Dallas has attacked Webster for corruption and believes the Federalist and national Republican party’s have grown corrupt on there power. Dallas promises to rid the federal government of corruption. As well as look into the biddle controversy more. Dallas wants to root corruption out of the national bank.
•against the recovery act
•for bank checks and balances
•for internal improvements
•for land regulation, but wants to lower the price.
•want to add Nova Scotia, as well as Texas as new states
•wants to compromise for Oregon territory
•believes war with Mexico can be avoided
•Dallas wants to sue federal authority to resolve the Alabama war peacefully.
•wants to investigate corruption in the federal government and national bank.
Vice: William R King
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2022.01.24 11:03 FANGtheDELECTABLE L119A2: The New British SOF Rifle

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2022.01.24 11:03 multiplythatmoney (Is)This is the way

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2022.01.24 11:03 icklesimba Tournament changes

This weekend struggled to find time to play both my accounts in the tournament and still do not understand why we need to play against an opponent.

There are a number of reasons why it would be better to just play a solo round. First of all it would save us all a great amount of time, we would not have to wait to match with a player, or wait for them to use all 45 seconds of their shot clock on every shot etc.

Also I hit 2 albatrosses this weekend and my opponent in both cases had such a poor tee shot they would have only made a birdie at best yet were graced with an eagle because of my shots.

The only downside of solo play is that PD would have to think of a new way to award prize chests as there would be no hole victor I would happily sacrifice the chests to save a few hours of my time for every qualifying, opening and weekend round.

I can dream!!!
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2022.01.24 11:03 crytoloover BITCOIN ANALYSIS

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2022.01.24 11:03 Gekroent I finally styled my Cherry Blossom wig! [OC cosplay]

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2022.01.24 11:03 SirNoots92 29 year old male abdominal pain and dry cough

Im a 29 year old male who has a developed a dry cough with no fever Ive had it for a few months now. All my covid tests have come back negative and I am double jabbed and booster jabbed and flue jabbed. It mostly happens in the evenings and almost certainly happens after ive eaten. I also find myself clearing my throat a lot. I am currently being investigated for left side abdominal pains/discomfort witch ive had for just over a year. Doctors think i have ibs as it runs in my family (my father and sister both have ibs)and i have symptoms of it I need the bathroom right after eating one day I have loose stools the next day I’m constipated sometimes there is a little bit of blood on the stool if I’ve been constipated and had to push really hard there is normally a lot of food in my stool I get back pain and chest pain these pains/discomfort do come and go but are very noticeable and even when they’re not at the worst I still get little feelings in my bowels if I twist funny or move a bit quickly. I suffer with health anxiety since my son was born In 2020 and have convinced myself I have bowel cancer that has now spread to my lungs. I am a none smoker or drinker of alcohol all my tests I’ve had done so far are ECG,blood,stool,urine, throat endoscopy, rectal exam, 2 doctors feeling my abdomen and an ultrasound and I’m currently waiting for a colonoscopy. All my results have come back normal other than on the ultrasound they said I have a fatty liver and gallstones but didn’t find anything else. I eat well sleep well and haven’t lost any weight over the 12 months this has been going on for. Any help on why i have this cough would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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2022.01.24 11:03 louied91 $VKIN Viking Closes Joint Venture Re: Medical & Bio-Hazard Waste Treatment Technology

News Link: https://www.accesswire.com/685123/viking-closes-joint-venture-re-medical-bio-hazard-waste-treatment-technology
HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2022 / Viking Energy Group, Inc. (OTCQB:VKIN) ("Viking" or the "Company") is pleased to announce it acquired on January 18, 2022 a 51% interest in an entity that owns the intellectual property rights to a fully developed, patent pending, ready-for-market proprietary Medical & Bio-Hazard Waste Treatment system using Ozone Technology (the "Ozone System"). The purchase price for the acquired interest was $5,000,000 worth of shares of Viking common stock payable as follows: (i) $2,000,000 at closing; (ii) $2,000,000 after product revenues reach $10,000,000[1]; and (iii) $1,000,000 after product revenues reach $20,000,000[2].
James Doris, President and Chief Executive Officer of Viking, commented, "We are extremely pleased to continue our strategy to acquire ready-to-market products that demonstrate our commitment to innovation, sustainable technologies and carbon footprint reduction. The medical waste treatment industry is more than $20 billion annually and growing rapidly. Proper treatment and disposal, however, of medical and bio-hazard waste has come under heightened scrutiny during these globally trying times. The industry has had limited innovation for decades. Treating biohazardous waste using ozone is the safest, most environmentally sustainable and cost-effective technology for medical waste compared to all existing alternatives. Ozone has been in use as a sterilizing agent for over 100 years with a proven operational safety and efficacy record. And finally, we are in discussions with customers in the United States and abroad with regarding the potential utilization of the technology at several locations".
This advancement in waste treatment technology is a sustainable alternative to incineration, chemical, autoclave and heat treatment of bio-hazardous waste. The OZONE technology fine shreds the raw waste in a controlled ozone environment as the first step in the waste processing treatment. The waste is reduced in volume by up to 90% and is no longer recognizable or retrievable, eliminating HIPPA violations. The treated waste is classified as renewable fuel for waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities in many locations around the world. OZONE is effective to kill all known pathogens including bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
The OZONE biohazardous waste treatment technology extracts oxygen from the ambient air and converts it to ozone using plasma ozone generators. This ozone is used to treat biohazardous waste in a very safe and controlled manner. The processing and treatment of the waste is done at room temperature, no steam or heat is required, and no by-products are produced from this system. After the treatment, any residual ozone is automatically converted back into oxygen, resulting in "zero" emissions.
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2022.01.24 11:03 pool_full_of_cola My wife’s plant seems very unhappy in our new home. Can anyone ID it so we can figure out why it’s sad?

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2022.01.24 11:03 vcg77 Observation/theory

The problem with some of the people they choose (In my opinion Olajuwon, Virginia, Ble$$ed, maybe Katina but we will see) is that they may truly be over the party lifestyle and ready to settle down - BUT they made that decision like 2 weeks before applying fogetting recruited for the show. That is not enough time for true transformation, even if they really are sincere. The people who do well in these relationships are the ones who have wanted to settle down for YEARS and just haven’t been able to find the right person yet.
And we know the dramatic ones are recruited obvi, I’m not denying that. But if it seems like they’re sincere in the beginning it’s probably bc they really are! But they just haven’t actually changed their ways yet, even if they think they have.
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