Trading lucky20 and hal20

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2021.11.30 21:50 Soft-biscuit Trading lucky20 and hal20

Ia two low tiers
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2021.11.30 21:50 LordBakon7926 What to think about when creating a watch fortress

Hey everyone. So, when I’m working on a Warhammer army, I like to create a background for them and who they are. Since Deathwatch is my new obsession for the time being, I’m looking at making my own custom watch fortress. Since I’m admittedly still learning about them, I’m wondering what are some things to think about when making a watch fortress?
So far I’m thinking the group is set in the Ghoul Stars, since it seems like a very unexplored area, where many old relics or Xenos tech could be found. But yeah just lay on me what things you think I should think about when I’m making my custom group!
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2021.11.30 21:50 jospeht65 Rolled a little fatty, Sangria 🍇🍷

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2021.11.30 21:50 hellotokyotower /r/p2pmoon is a new subreddit to talk all things memecoins! coin join memecoin mania
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2021.11.30 21:50 PoCkEtSaNd869 What is your favorite King Of The Hill Episode? I have a lot of favorites but I’d say Megalo Dale is on the top for me. I love how Hank and the guys thinks Dale’s crazy but he is actually right.

What is your favorite King Of The Hill Episode? I have a lot of favorites but I’d say Megalo Dale is on the top for me. I love how Hank and the guys thinks Dale’s crazy but he is actually right. submitted by PoCkEtSaNd869 to KingOfTheHill [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 21:50 FALLGUYS627 FT:JPN Milcery codes/Happiny codes LF:Events

looking for following events:
WCSK Mewtwo/Play! Mewtwo
PC Kyoto Ho-oh
OCT2014 Diancie/Oct2014 Diancie
PGL Lele
Pokémon Scrap Shaymin/Keldeo/Victini
Prefer JPN tag,can trade in original gens,but other language for NA/PAL events will be fine
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2021.11.30 21:50 JammedRex Bent pins cause memory issues?

Hello, so I was building my pc, I wasn't getting any display to show so I decided to take the CPU cooler off to make sure the CPU was properly in place, and there it was the CPU stuck to the top of the cooler with the arm for the socket still down. Before I had a chance to even take the CPU off, it fell down and a few pins bent. I was able to align the pins back in place with a knife and I was surprised when the display turned on and it booted to windows, BUT in task manager, it said I only had 4gb of ram and the other 4gb were "hardware reserved" I rearranged the memory in single-channel (A1 and A2) mode instead of the previous dual-channel (A1 and B1) and I now have my full 8gb of memory. Can bent CPU pins cause dual channel to not work? (btw I have a b450 tomahawk max and a ryzen 5 2600)
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2021.11.30 21:50 ne0n_laces How does one get comfortable on their couch?

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2021.11.30 21:50 grengo27 Are team leads going away

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2021.11.30 21:50 No_Garbage_4193 ver

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2021.11.30 21:50 Ben-C-threepio Matt Apodaca Tries To Help Alyssa With Boys on Totally Rad!

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2021.11.30 21:50 JM-Gaster Idk about you guys, but the idea of a religious themed dark world excites me so much

I think the dark world I’d be most excited for would be a religious themed one. Just the ideas and themes that could be explored here would be madly interesting. Lol, just a little excited vent. What kind of dark world would you guys be most excited for?
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2021.11.30 21:50 waitforit2010 What type of pre-employment drug test does Labcorp do?

I have to schedule an appointment soon.
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2021.11.30 21:50 HandSpring01 Converting humbucker bass into pj bass

Would it be possible to turn a humbucker bass into a pj bass. I just want to change the pickups. I want to change it to the Les Claypool signature p bass pickup in the front, and and a EMG LJA jazz pickup in the back. Is that possible? If so would I need to buy anything else along with the pickups? Thank you, in advance.
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2021.11.30 21:50 eagleman_88 Why is my fasting glucose always 100-120 range, but my HB1AC is 4.9 and my glucose is never elevated after meals?

33/M/USA Count calories & macros and lift 5 days per week. 172 lbs @ 12% bf. No drugs, medications or steroids.
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2021.11.30 21:50 twitchlord1 Giveaway ! Giveaway ! We are at 10k members | join the fast growing community now | 8.849 unique NFT collectibles that grant you access to our play2earn game and a cedar lodge full of rewards | details in comment

Giveaway ! Giveaway ! We are at 10k members | join the fast growing community now | 8.849 unique NFT collectibles that grant you access to our play2earn game and a cedar lodge full of rewards | details in comment submitted by twitchlord1 to opensea [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 21:50 Away-Preparation-425 Smoking / Vaping / Weed / Alcohol

Does anyone have an info on taking in vape carts and preroll? Are they allowed? Must it be sealed? Any and all info would help!
Feel free to post about other party favors too! I’m curious to know how our group should approach this.
Thank you - can’t wait to rage next weekend 🙌🏽
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2021.11.30 21:50 UnknownFigures_ More Utility Coming For Unknown Figures (NFT)

More Utility Coming For Unknown Figures (NFT) Thank You Everyone For Showing Love . This Art Took Long And Hard Work
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2021.11.30 21:50 EnvironmentalBoat511 December Calendar

Anyone have Columbia care Monroe calendar?
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2021.11.30 21:50 WorriedInvite6614 UPVOTE FOR $BMTX FLOW DATA

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2021.11.30 21:50 Punkovision “Tell me you're paying people to comment without telling me you're paying people for comments”

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2021.11.30 21:50 SirliftStuff Trifold gator cover for long bed 3rd gen $200

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2021.11.30 21:50 boddole Stuck on CPU (10-700k, 11-600k, 5600x) for a ~1K 'Hobby' Build

Hello, I'm working on a system for someone and the objective of this build is:
A $1k 'hobby' computer, something where they can work from home when needed without it being painful (they use Adobe Premier Pro mostly along with other Adobe products), but they would also like to be able to play games on it (they specifically mentioned Monster Hunter World [a apparently GPU heavy game...and I'm reserving about $350-400 for them down the line]).
I've hit a road block on choosing the CPU. Currently, the 10-700k, 11-600k, and 5600x are priced at $220, $230, and $250 respectively. Looking at cooler requirements, it looks like the 5600x will take about $30 and the Intels about $60, so the total price is effectively the same.
As far as what I've seen, the latest Puget bench for APP (0.95.3) had Intel with a lead in APP in general due to some sort of hardware level abilities that APP can utilize. As far as games go, it looks like all of these trade spots back and forth, perhaps with the 5600x having higher averages, but the 10 / 11 having better 1% lows. 'Production' tasks are also a mixed bag usually between the 10 and 5600x with the 11 being withing range (while sometimes being fairly behind), though again, they've only ever mentioned APP.
Realistically, I'd go with a B-series motherboard, x2 16gb ram sticks (they can either get 2 more sticks or 2 higher capacity sticks if they want it down the line or not). That ram will likely be 3200/16 | 3600/18 rated specs, but I am willing to work on a ram OC (but not forever).
So I'm just stuck, general 'feel' seems to be 5600x > 11600k, but APP currently favors Intel and I do value 1% lows, but the Intels are power monsters ($) and don't have a ton of OC room, while I might be able to get notably better performance from the 5600x with solid memory tuning...
I've also considered just getting 'old' parts on ebay since they will likely need to wait a year or two for GPUs to come back down to Earth, but I'm not sure anything too old would satisfy the APP requirement, and at least a solid cpu would satisfy the production side of his immediate needs.
Any thoughts?
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2021.11.30 21:50 Ives313 NFT question For Town Star

When the towns reset after 30 days, will my NFT go back on Gala?
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2021.11.30 21:50 Perpalicious Ceiling Speakers And Audio Cables Coming Out Of Wall

Hey y'all, I moved into my new place a few months back and noticed some cables, that I'm assuming are audio cables, coming out of the wall. The main floor is the only place I've seen with these wires, but there are speakers in the living area, kitchen, and even in the main bedroom (upstairs).
I'd love to play music and stuff through the built-in speakers, so I'm curious how/what I would need to hook something up? The previous owners gave zero insight and I have no clue when it comes to anything related to audio equipment. Thanks a bunch in advance.
Cables Ceiling Speaker
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