Things are heating up in the Soda fandom!

This page chronicles the history of Jane "El" Hopper, better known as Eleven, a major character in Stranger Things. In the late 1960s, a young woman named Terry Ives participated in the controversial government program known as MKUltra. As a test subject, Terry would take part in experiments involving psychedelic drugs and sensory deprivation. In December of 1969, Alice Johnson a friend and ... Kazuichi Soda (左右田 和一), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. His title is the Ultimate Mechanic (超高校級の「メカニック」 lit. Steve Harrington, portrayed by Joe Keery, is a major character of Stranger Things, having a recurring role in season one before being upgraded to a major role as of season 2. A student at Hawkins High School, he was best friends with Tommy H. and Carol Perkins and the boyfriend of Nancy Wheeler. When Nancy's best friend, Barbara Holland, disappeared, she became distant and Steve thought she ... Vulcan Joseph (ヴァルカン・ジョゼフ, Barukan Jōsefu), famously known as the God of Fire and Smithing (炎と鍛冶の神, Honō To Kaji No Kami) is the engineer for Special Fire Force Company 8. Vulcan is a young man of average height and athletic build, with short red hair, shaved sides, and blue eyes. He has striped tattoos over his body, from two black stripes around his neck ... The Great War was a global nuclear event that took place on Saturday, October 23, 2077. The attacks ended the Sino-American War, resulting in mass casualties, exposure to radiation and subsequent collapse of society. The event ended decade-long conflict between the United States and China. By 2077, a combination of attrition, loss of supply routes, and offensives conducted by the United States ... " Hello there! Welcome to my garden. " Herb Cookie is an Epic Cookie available since release. By default, his position is prioritized to the Rear. He appears in his own dedicated side storyline, Herb Cookie's New Plant, in which he adopts the Cookievorous Cookiesnap. Herb Cookie's Cookie Decor is the Herb Terrace from the Flower Garden Theme. "Warm like the sunshine and fresh like the scent of ... Yogurt Cream Cookie is an NPC who appears in the first half of the Tropical Soda Islands update (version 1.6.002). He shortly appears in the Tropical Soda Islands Story alongside his bodyguard, Lilac Cookie. For some reason, he appears only in one early Episode of the Story and not at all towards the end. Game Description (OvenBreak) IRyS is an English Virtual Singer associated with hololive as part of its English (EN) branch's "Project: HOPE." IRyS, a half-demon, half-angel also known as a Nephilim, once brought hope to “The Paradise” during the ancient age. Her full name is Irys. This current era, riddled with despair and desperation, has brought upon her second awakening. She has arrived to deliver hope, with her ... Welcome to the Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop Wiki! We are a collaborative community creating a database for all things Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop! Please feel free to start of editing where you think is necessary as the wiki could certainly use more content. Any questions and concerns can be addressed here. Dave Algernon Bayley is the lead vocalist for Glass Animals. He was born on June 7th, 1989 and is currently aged 32. Dave was born in Massachusetts, US. After staying in Massachusetts for a while, his family moved to College Station, Texas. This is where he met one of his best friends. According to an interview with Independent UK, the two spent a lot of time discovering new music together ...

2021.11.30 20:52 MrBonelessPizza24 Things are heating up in the Soda fandom!

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2021.11.30 20:52 Broad-Tea-7408 SpaceWarp, Whats Going On with this?

So, I saw the FaceBook video About spacewarping. and Whats up with it. I didnt watch the whole thing and I just want to know if its out and if so what apps use it?
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2021.11.30 20:52 Automatic-Durian-734 BIG STEAM ACCOUNT LOOKING FOR PAYPAL!

U can check the account here!
Only looking for PayPal !
My discord if u are interested! south#7611
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2021.11.30 20:52 Terrapapers You are an alien, collecting data about earth. You need to collect as much data in one AskReddit post as possible. What do you post?

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2021.11.30 20:52 VennieGlidden 4chan500 ($4CH5) – best BUSD reflection token out there! | 300K Market Cap | 2 Weeks old! | 10% Reflections back to every holder!

Meet 4chan500 token.
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What is 4chan500 token & how it works?
Unlike most reflection tokens, $4CH5 directly rewards the holders the most by giving a majority of the 12% transaction fee back to its holders. This ensures that unlike most reflection tokens, passive income from reflections makes the investment viable. They added 2% liquidity tax on every trade, which makes sure that price volatility, as time goes on, decreases as well. And that’s not all – the project aims to develop tools on website that will help find the investor the most viral & legit new coins on the market, such as:

Still not sold? We have also been audited by Solidity.Finance just a couple of days ago and we're still waiting for listing on CG and CMC!
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Contract Address: 0x5325baa42dc7604f427a8bde6732f83c19028942
Get Your Coins Here:
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2021.11.30 20:52 Apprehensive_Sink_87 Bubbles on 4th

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2021.11.30 20:52 D_Loaed Today is the day.......;)

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2021.11.30 20:52 Zealousideal-Test-58 Tundra back seat

Does anyone know if the back rest for the back seat can be taken out without removing the bottom part or can the back seat be taken out at all?
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2021.11.30 20:52 Radders8585 Just Wanted To Share My Excitement About Playing Football Again!

I just wanted to share my excitement that I plan to make my return to playing football (soccer) in 2 weeks after about almost 3 years out injured!
I was initially out for about 6 months with an ankle ligament problem, returned to playing too quickly and it reoccurred. I returned for a few games after that, then I had consistent knee problems, including cartilage, and subsequently couldn’t seem to play without picking up another knock or injury.
I’ve given my body time to fully recover, hopefully including the wear and tear in other areas, and finally think I’m ready to play again.
I can’t wait to play again and especially to score that first goal! I’ve missed it so much and I’m so excited thinking I’ll get to feel that thrill again!
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2021.11.30 20:52 SolidDisk6337 I'm looking for a campaign to join.

I'm looking for a campaign to join. I can fill any party role from healer to tank. Please let me know if there is anyone looking for more players.
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2021.11.30 20:52 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely over role in advising governor brother Andrew during crisis | NBC

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2021.11.30 20:52 cbvv1992 🔥Walmart - $15.00 The Pioneer Woman Sweet Romance 1.5-Quart Slow Cookers, Set of 2!!

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2021.11.30 20:51 qwersadfc "No transphobes allowed"/"Don't post if you are Non-binary"

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2021.11.30 20:51 goldenwater1 Dropping Out of College Advice

I am seriously considering dropping out of college after this semester. I am currently finishing my third semester and would have 5 or 6 semesters left after this one finishes in a few weeks. Over the past year, I have started a few successful businesses that I enjoy running. Of these two are more trend like businesses and one is a longer term cash flowing business. As of Today, I have around a $225,000 net worth (Money for taxes is not included in this). Throughout my life I have been very good at making money and can see myself making $100,000+ a year easily for the long term.
Throughout this last semester, I have lost a lot of motivation for the reason that I am going to college. The classes that I am taking are very easy to do and seem like a waste of time. Furthermore, having experienced what is needed in taking risks and the various parts involved with running a business, nothing I learned in college in 3 semesters was useful. The school I go to is also a commuter school and thus finding like-minded people has been tough to do.
Over the past few weeks I've been giving deep thought into what my next plans in life are. Dropping out of college and going to travel and experience new places and activities seems like such a better option than taking what seems like meaningless classes. Furthermore, not having to worry about money has played a large role as well in thinking this is the right decision. A lot of threads that I have seen have had people recommending to suck up College so they can get a high-paying job. However, in my case this past year has allowed me to develop multiple high paying income streams. I have achieved nearly all of my financial goals which I initially thought would be many years after I graduate.
Another concern that I have is meeting new people and finding a place to live. One benefit of being in college is that you are always surrounded my many people who are the same age and attending the same classes. If I were to drop out, meeting new people would be a significant challenge which I am looking for advice on. Choosing a place to move to is another concern that I have. I am unsure of where I should possibly move and what factors I should consider when choosing a place. The businesses that I run are all online and are not tied to being in a specific location. One idea that I saw was traveling for a year to different places for a few weeks or a month until I find a place that I like. However, in this scenario not having a familiar home or set base for over a year or forever in a sense is a daunting thought.

If you have any insight or past experiences that may be able to help me I would greatly appreciate any advice.
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2021.11.30 20:51 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Amazon rolled back Covid safety protocols in warehouses, says New York attorney general | NBC

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2021.11.30 20:51 qtain Fidelity drops 13 million short shares - Swears its just Oregano Mom!

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2021.11.30 20:51 800_db_cloud Jesse is launching a new podcast - "Singal-Minded Conversations"

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2021.11.30 20:51 banhminion UC Davis, deferred from ED to RD. GPA around 25th, LSAT above 75th. Advice?

I don’t want to doxx myself, but I need guidance. GPA is around 25th, LSAT is 168.
This is my dream school for numerous personal and practical reasons. This is also the third time I’ve applied (which is crazy, I know, but this is my last go at it).
I applied in March 2020 with a 162 and got WL. Applied again (RD) Dec 1st 2020 with a 163 and got WL again. This cycle, I boosted my score to a 168 and applied ED for the first time Nov 1st, and just got moved to RD.
There was a personal factor that limited where I could apply in previous cycles, so I mainly stuck to my city. But this year, due to new developments, my circumstances changed. My family and friends all pushed me to apply broadly. So I did (and am continuing to work on apps) in the 20-60 range. I will make the best of the situation, but am honestly crestfallen because even after all this they clearly still feel suspect about me. Or is it the weird cycle following last year? Some people here even insisted I shouldn’t bother with ED.
I am curious as to the stats of anyone who got into ED this year. The general wisdom is that it’s mainly borderline applicants who apply ED. But so far on LSData most of the admits before today were RD folks who were above both medians. I’m not sure whether I should just give up this dream already.
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2021.11.30 20:51 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Asia] - Australian stocks muted following overnight Wall Street tumble | NBC

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2021.11.30 20:51 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Cramer suggests putting some cash to work after Tuesday's decline, 'it's too late to sell' | NBC

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2021.11.30 20:51 DiscombobulatedBid66 Is 5 inches long enough for a boy?

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2021.11.30 20:51 Emotional-Bar3046 Any advice for new seller

I just shipped an item for first class usps. I didn't use the QR code given to me, I just print the label. I think I have overestimated the amount and put on my wrong appartment number. I just changed after I shipped it. USPS says it is in their possession and under Tracking Shipping Plus. I am a first time seller for stuff that I don't used anymore What should I do? I am getting materials to measure things correctly next time. I have a feeling they might return it.
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2021.11.30 20:51 jesus0123 Seeking help with auditing paper

Hello, struggling student down to my last assignment in this god forsaken class. Please DM if interested in helping me with a final research paper. Due Dec 8th.
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2021.11.30 20:51 arferfuxake Nat West Bank (UK) will not send funds (GBP) to IBKR

Trying to fund my account through Nat West Bank in the UK. They say they can't check the Citibank (London) account number (sort code and account number) as the bank hasn't registered their details with Nat West. Is this for real? Any way around this?
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2021.11.30 20:51 SalvageRabbit Which view do you use and why?

I prefer the top down view, at 2x speed. Feels like I can make better decisions seeing how the field is doing.
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