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10 Isoperimetry on the hypercube and Gaussian spaces 281 10.1 Bobkov’s inequality for functions on the hypercube 282 10.2 An isoperimetric inequality on the binary hypercube 288 10.3 Asymmetric Bernoulli distributions and threshold phenomena 289 10.4 The Gaussian isoperimetric theorem 294 10.5 Lipschitz functions of Gaussian random variables 298 Hypercube Display¶ In the context of hyperspectral imagery, a 3D hypercube is a 3-dimensional representation of a hyperspectral image where the x and y dimensions are the spatial dimensions of the image and the third dimension is the spectral dimension. The analytical utility of hypercube displays is debatable but what is not debatable is that ... RiskAMP is a full-featured Monte Carlo Simulation Engine for Microsoft Excel®. With the RiskAMP Add-in, you can add Risk Analysis to your spreadsheet models quickly, easily, and for a fraction of the price of competing packages. Latin hypercube sampling (LHS) is a statistical method for generating a near-random sample of parameter values from a multidimensional distribution.The sampling method is often used to construct computer experiments or for Monte Carlo integration.. LHS was described by Michael McKay of Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1979. An independently equivalent technique was proposed by Eglājs in 1977. One commonly explored 4D object we can attempt to visualize is known as a hypercube. A hypercube is analogous to a cube in 3 dimensions, just as a cube is to a square. How do we make a hypercube? To create a 1D line, we take a point, make a copy, move the copied point parallely to some distance away, and then connect the two points with a line. Celebrating our 16th year anniversary in 2021, Hyper Products Inc. is a dynamic team based in Silicon Valley, California. We specialize in delivering award winning, cutting edge IT & mobile accessories with a focus on Apple, portable power, data storage & connectivity products. An OLAP cube is a multi-dimensional array of data. Online analytical processing (OLAP) is a computer-based technique of analyzing data to look for insights. The term cube here refers to a multi-dimensional dataset, which is also sometimes called a hypercube if the number of dimensions is greater than 3. Roger Campion. "Passager de l' 'America': Salvador Dalí nous est revenu avec un christ 'Hypercubique' et un message pour Picasso." Le Havre Libre (March 30, 1953), p. 1, quotes the artist's statement upon arrival in the port of Le Havre on March 27, 1953 that he is planning a new painting of “an exploding Christ, nuclear and hypercubic” [see Ref. Taylor 2004] ."! elO ! elO ! elO." Specify optional comma-separated pairs of Name,Value arguments.Name is the argument name and Value is the corresponding value.Name must appear inside quotes. You can specify several name and value pair arguments in any order as Name1,Value1,...,NameN,ValueN. Example: X = lhsdesign(n,p,'Smooth','off') returns a discrete Latin hypercube design The new point is calculated as: X_new = (X - X_min)/(X_max - X_min) This scales the range to [0, 1] or sometimes [-1, 1]. Geometrically speaking, transformation squishes the n-dimensional data into an n-dimensional unit hypercube. Normalization is useful when there are no outliers as it cannot cope up with them.

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2021.11.30 22:20 alexd0texe fake?

fake? just bought first cart, this is fake isnt it? cant find any companies named paradise vape or any packaging like this. i can smell through bag if i put nose up to it. "plug" said got it from dispensary.
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2021.11.30 22:20 Trick_Street4876 game keeps crashing

the main screen will be fine, and then ill load up the game, everything seems fine until a few seconds later the music starts lagging, and the game freezes for like two seconds. I've tried anything, my software is up to date, I have like 10 gbs of storage left, I put on optimal settings, and I've made sure it's up to date. I'm on an iphone7, but that should be fine for running the game, I've seen two people with the same problem and one was on an iphone 11, is it my phone or the game?
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2021.11.30 22:20 PomegranateCrafty804 Need help!! ASAP

I can get the borders of the design to connect. Got this design digitized by someone online, i emailed them and they said it might be my machine. I have a Brother PE 800. Do I adjust the tension? Is it the bobbin?? What am I doing wrong??
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2021.11.30 22:20 DougDimmadomed Seeking potential long-term script writer (starting free, transition into eventual pay)

Hello! I’m seeking someone with a fresh vision in mind when it comes to writing scripts for YouTube videos, potentially, long-term. I will be assisting you every step of the way I can, from researching (providing all links), to revising! You’d be working primarily in google docs, and write roughly 2-3 scripts a month, alternating between short, medium, and long-ranged. If I like your writing style, formatting + wording, and you choose to stay along for the ride, you will eventually be compensated $3/page. DM me on here for more information (MUST HAVE DISCORD + BE FROM AN EST TIME ZONE + BE AVAILABLE AT MINIMUM TWICE A WEEK)
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2021.11.30 22:20 italomala Do y'all think the rampage needs to be nerfed?

Me and my friend have been having this discussion a lot recently, he thinks the rampage needs to be nerfed because of its high damege and virtually no recoils (since its fire rate is very slow) but i think it should stay were it is currently, because while id does hit very hard, the (bellow average) fire rate hinders it enought that it is balanced, exept whe you have it charged with a termite, than, it because very strong and can tear anyone apart as long as you have decent aim. Any thoughts?
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2021.11.30 22:20 simplycurious93 Managing having dogs at home with a pollen/dust allergy?

I really want to adopt a dog and so far I thought I couldn't have one because I had a dog allergy. But I got tested and I am not allergic at all.
In the past, everytime I have been around dogs, I have had symptoms ranging from mild stuffiness to throat closing up and feverish symptoms based on the time spent around them. When I was young, I was diagnosed both with a dust allergy(bad stuffiness in dusty/polluted places etc) and pollen allergies and people I've spoken to seem to think the pollen especially may be causing my symptoms.
Any advice on how others have successfully managed having pets with similar allergies?
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2021.11.30 22:20 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) S RAINBOW BLVD / W SUNSET RD 11/30/2021 5:09:51 PM incident #LLV211100127843
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2021.11.30 22:20 TruthToPower77 Real Hero. What’re you doing about this FBI? Rico the fucks. Oh I forgot that your agency is filled with right wing fucks.

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2021.11.30 22:20 Brown-Fedora Why do some Nautilus clones have hidden zen pins and some have tang pins like the real one? Stupid question, but which is better?

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2021.11.30 22:20 boomhower1820 Little install help

My Jeep came with a POS stereo installed that quickly died after I purchased it. I've bought a Sony XAV-AX7000 to replace it. I cracked it open to today only to find a mess. Rather than using the proper install adapter they've tapped into the lines with these blue boxes, why would you do this? Also would it be safe to just snip off where the after market stereo lines are connected to these boxes? Second photo is of a voltage converter, any idea what it's purpose may be? Base model 2010 Wrangler so no factory amp or other fancy options. Ordering a proper wiring harness to get it in this weekend but really curious as what the voltage box could be for. Thanks guys.

Processing img olgq72dg1u281...

Processing img 0tohxb7m1u281...
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2021.11.30 22:20 fercoder Hipocresía colombia: caso Uribe y Petro

¿No es como hipócrita alegar que Uribe es un paramilitar (que siendo sinceros, es una posbilidad muy real) pero al mismo tiempo querer votar por Petro, una persona que INDUDABLEMENTE perteneció a un grupo guerrillero (y que no eran las santas palomas pues que digamos)?
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2021.11.30 22:20 cfacfacfacfacfa Activist Investing Strategy - Engine No 1 & Exxon

This isn't recent news or directly CFA related, but I have been wondering for awhile and think this forum could help me understand: In Q2 2021 Engine No 1, an activist ESG fund, launched a proxy battle against Exxon for 4 boards seats and won 3. Engine No 1 disclosed a ~$40m (.02%) stake in Exxon, and spent $12.5m on the proxy contest. How was this profitable for them? Exxon traded up after the contest, but only by a 3-4 percentage points (~$58 to ~$60). On their Exxon holdings, their profit would only be in the low single digit millions (.04 * 40m = 1.6m) , falling far short of their spending on the contest.
Even if their 40m disclosure represents their equity in a levered position, a 10x lever would only yield 10-20m, which still seems very low.
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