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Anybody wanna talk?

2021.11.30 20:42 regdude420 Anybody wanna talk?

18M looking for someone to relate or just have a convo with.
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2021.11.30 20:42 SadBoysenberry6 This is awsum 😎

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2021.11.30 20:42 jobsinanywhere Research finds link between sewing masks and well-being at start of pandemic

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2021.11.30 20:42 Bluellan A grown women assaults and BREAKS A MINORS LEG but it somehow stays in civil court, the case lasted for only a week, and the women was sentenced to 2 months in jail and $15k in restitution.

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2021.11.30 20:42 Evokedekove Just a few more photos of my ND before going into winter hibernation

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2021.11.30 20:42 _berry666 Discriminatory values test thought?

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2021.11.30 20:42 MV_Parallels FT: Seager gold /2016 and rainbow foil RCs

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2021.11.30 20:42 Ancient_Music NEET wanting to get better

Almost 10 year NEET. Depressed since and I feel deteriorated and dumb. Have no discernable skills, real work experience aside from a 5 month stint in a BPO where I have gone AWOL five years ago. Dropped out of college. Is there anything like the group here in this vid in the PH? https://youtu.be/wE1UIK85E3E
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2021.11.30 20:42 __Drake "I am for the white genocide. I am for the total erasure of the white race. Yes, I am for all of you white bitches dying like flies."

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2021.11.30 20:42 Legitimate_Ninja9413 Porfavor consejos no se como manejar la situación

Mi novia me acaba de dejar porque segun ella soy muy celoso lo cual no creo que sea tan cierto para el contexto ella me fue infiel hace un año yo la perdone porque la amaba aun la amo y ahora se que ella también me ama a mi por engañar me refiero a que se beso con otro chico el punto es que aveces que no se de ella en todo el dia le pregunto donde esta y un par de veces le he dicho que al menos espero que use condon esto fue lo que termino con nuestra relación porque a ella le duele que aun no confie en ella cuando ha hecho todo por demostrarme que esta arrepentida y yo fui y soy el unico con el que ha tenido relaciones sexuales a ella le duele que crea que handa de put@ cuando yo se muy bien que con sus clases y sus dos trabajos no tiene tiempo para nada y por eso apenas nos vemos a la semana
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2021.11.30 20:42 knightbladeXII Upon FF9’s release, the developers received fan mail from a boy who had been contemplating suicide. He said the message of the game encouraged him emotionally, to keep living and striving.

Upon FF9’s release, the developers received fan mail from a boy who had been contemplating suicide. He said the message of the game encouraged him emotionally, to keep living and striving. submitted by knightbladeXII to FinalFantasy [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 20:42 Epic_Hoola Plant Island Exclusive Wublin - Scuherb!

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2021.11.30 20:42 dissociatesound Olive looking majestic in her Dino pjs and blanket

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2021.11.30 20:42 Limp-Government2965 $MDC | Monster Doge | King of Doge rewards 7% Reflections, Just Launched, Coin Gecko, CMC coming soon 💎x1000 GEM

I believe you have seen a lot of bad monsters but this Monster Doge will make you the happiest holder ever seen.
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Thus, as a holder, you do not need to do anything it will automatically go to your wallet as DogeCoins.
Our anti-whale measure allows the sale of only 1M $MDC per transaction, which avoids the collapse of the chart and reward the holders.
Just hold a minimum of 10,000 $MDC and you will receive DogeCoin every 20 mins.
Do not wait any longer and join the adventure of MonsterDoge!
On Transactions:
Total Supply: 1 Billion Coins,
🥞 7% DOGE Reflections
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🤓 2% Marketing Fees
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🔒 Liquidity Lock: 1 Year ⏰ Every 20 minutes Auto-Payments
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LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x98c1Ae43c7ca05da957bbEc60891E1Ca0Ea123B4
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x504a2fb248e00a89b332a61a7029a9549201fa10#readContract
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2021.11.30 20:42 jkimauto12 RTW Booking Report + Maldives/Dubai Booking Report

I still have far more to do as I have to book hotels and what not, but I thought I would contribute to the sub by posting these as I was helped by many great fellas here.


Routes Airlines Class
ICN-IST Turkish TK Business
IST-BCN Turkish TK Business
BOS-EWR United UA Economy
EWR-SFO United UA Economy
SFO-ICN Asiana OZ Business

Total Cost: ANA 105K + $548.87 per person
Total distance calculated by ANA is 18762 miles compared to 18553 miles on Gcmap.


Routes Airlines Class Cost
ICN-DOH-MLE Qatar Business AA 70K
MLE-AUH Etihad Economy AA 12.5K
AUH-DOH-ICN Qatar Business AA 40K
Per Person
Staying 8 nights at WA Maldives for HH 480K + 3 FN from Amex

I will finish up hotel report once I finish up booking. But considering Al Maha, Al Wadi dessert, and few nights in Dubai.
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2021.11.30 20:42 Chipeyyy I found a leader of a gang that was actually a NPC

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2021.11.30 20:42 newmike_honcho187 Test

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2021.11.30 20:42 DietSnapple9 Show me your best/funniest screenshots or clips from any platform and the best one gets a 14 day code.

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2021.11.30 20:42 Lazy_Ad_6232 What episodes should they expand on?

Idk if that's the right word. Like if they do the Southern Raiders I wanna see Katara break down after almost killing Yan Rha since she's kept all that anger inside her for so long. Maybe when she confronts her father after leaving he tells her how much she reminds him of her mother.
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2021.11.30 20:42 muddy2311 Lmao

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2021.11.30 20:42 rgodd22 Said she was a teacher

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2021.11.30 20:42 AlarmingAffect0 Llamedos bards be like:

Llamedos bards be like: submitted by AlarmingAffect0 to discworld [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 20:42 spukyskaryskeletons Look at my list and tell me what you think

I’m an indecisive person and I have been stockpiling money to apply to schools for months. I’d like to keep my options as open as possible. You can pretty much tell what I’ve been averaging on my PTs by looking at this list. If I get a higher score than anticipated, obviously some schools will be replaced. Here is my list:
Rutgers Seton Hall Pace Syracuse Buffalo Maine New Hampshire Suffolk UConn Drexel South Carolina Belmont LSU Texas Tech Miami American Catholic Tulane Ole Miss
Share something positive or negative that you found about one of the schools or their app process. I am clearly not a T-14 or even a T-50 person. I just want my own practice. I think it’ll be nice to have some feedback from other lovely people who also applied or are planning to apply to these schools. I am sending out my apps this weekend hopefully. Thanks everyone! Good luck with your apps!
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2021.11.30 20:42 smally-bells-7 I almost walked into a fucking truck today.

I was coming out of class and I felt weak and tired and I was walking wobbly I’m pretty sure, anyways I almost walked into a truck in the parking lot. 🥴🥲🤦‍♂️
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2021.11.30 20:42 POPESHREK “Countess is op”🤡

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