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Raids occurring with no creatures

2021.11.30 22:09 wolfstryder Raids occurring with no creatures

I keep getting Foul smell from the Swamp raid, but it has no creatures. Anyone know of a mod that could be causing this issue? I use some mods but have never had this problem before.
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2021.11.30 22:09 Primid- Thanks critics for telling Sonic Team EXACTLY what the fanbase want. If it weren't for you guys, we'd still have stupid things like character arcs (or character development at all) and Chao Gardens. Crisis averted.

Thanks critics for telling Sonic Team EXACTLY what the fanbase want. If it weren't for you guys, we'd still have stupid things like character arcs (or character development at all) and Chao Gardens. Crisis averted. submitted by Primid- to SonicTheHedgehog [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 22:09 ThefoxiestmonsterTFM Does anyone know this cat’s breed?

Does anyone know this cat’s breed? submitted by ThefoxiestmonsterTFM to cats [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 22:09 bobbynewman9 How necessary is an internship?

I am a 3rd-year college student and have a pretty good summer job opportunity but it would replace the chance for an internship. How necessary are they for a future career?
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2021.11.30 22:09 whavshxjdwaa LF pikachu exclusives!

hi all, i'm trying to fill up my pokedex and still need all the exclusives from the pikachu game. i currently have a bunch of bellsprout, koffing and a handful of pinsir, and i'm running around catching more of the rest of the eevee exclusives right now. pls help :)
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2021.11.30 22:09 Aleitei ELI5: Why causes particles to decay? And why does it take so long for some?

Some elements for example can take millions of years to decay. Also, how can we tell their age?
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2021.11.30 22:09 tartareboi Looking for a Paris ticket

Title says it all I’m looking to buy a ticket for the Paris show. Thanks in advance :)
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2021.11.30 22:09 Adrishd Online PG classes?

Classes are supposed to commence from today(1st Dec) but I haven't received any email or message, what should I do? PS:I am admitted to Hans Raj College
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2021.11.30 22:09 AggressiveCompany523 NBA Highlights - Hornets vs. Bulls! LaMelo Ball 18 Pts 13 Asts vs. Lonzo Ball 16 Pts 8 Asts!

NBA Highlights - Hornets vs. Bulls! LaMelo Ball 18 Pts 13 Asts vs. Lonzo Ball 16 Pts 8 Asts! submitted by AggressiveCompany523 to videogames [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 22:09 Dawsonab99 Chase Sapphire Preferred

Pre-selected with 100k bonus points if I spend $4,000 in the first three months. Do you think it’s worth it? Also have the ability to get USAA card as well.
Current cards: •Discover Student Card, 2 years old (3750 limit) •Amazon Store Card (not used) 1 year old.
FICO Score: 735
Oldest account age: 2 yr 2 months
Income: e.g. $60,000
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2021.11.30 22:09 Alowavee Apple iWatch Series 5 for 70.3 triathlon

More than excited for my first 70.3 triathlon race this May but concerned about Apple iWatch Series 5’s battery life. I’m hoping to finish the race under 7 hours, would it last that long?
Just tracking, no music or anything else.
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2021.11.30 22:09 Minute-Albatross7689 Only One Way Out

OK. I guess I'm odd. I don't have good small talk skills. I know when to shut up, because it's when I see that look on someone's face that says, "God, I hope this guy doesn't come any closer or try to cling to me". Yeah, I recognize that look.
I learn everything the hard way, which can be good because you don't ever forget that way. But it's bad because, when coupled with my social awkwardness, I get kicked to the curb. I make a lot of mistakes. Some are big mistakes, some are small. No matter, I still get kicked to the curb either way. But when I'm doing everything right I get stabbed in the back, my work gets sabotaged, and THEN I get kicked to the curb. Otherwise, I get poked at, harassed, gaslighted, and made fun of. This is usually the case when I'm outperforming most everyone else. That's when the backstabbing starts.
I've been fired from nearly every job I've had, and there have been a lot of them. I'm a good person. I like to help others, share my knowledge. But as soon as I get people the hand up that they need, I get kicked to the curb.
I shower and change my clothes daily, but I still emit odors. I stink and I have a dull personality. Superior performance just isn't enough. There's nothing anyone can do to help. I'm old, can't find work, and I'm sinking very quickly. My wife will doubtlessly outlive me, but she can't make it after I'm gone because the house still isn't paid for. I wanted nothing more than to get the house paid off for her before I go but as it is I'm just draining the money with my continued existence. Soon it will be gone.
Now I'm just sitting here wondering why it's so hard to just walk out into the field and blow my brains out. I have only one prayer left. I pray for the courage to kill myself, and even that prayer goes unanswered. Someone please help pray for courage to end it. It hurts so bad.
submitted by Minute-Albatross7689 to mentalhealth [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 22:09 SamanthaBlueWolf How do I (13f) break off a fairly new friendship with a toxic person?

This friend I (13F) just recently made a few months ago is very toxic. I’ll call her C. I’ve realized this through many people always saying she’s very unkind and was never nice to anyone. From my experience, C’s been shitty. She talks about herself and will never interact with you unless you ask about her first. Example: Me: “ oh yeah, I got a new guinea pig yesterday! “ C: “ Well my pet is actually dying right now and I really want a guinea pig, my parents are such assholes they won’t let me get a new pet. “ Me: “ oh I’m sorry about that..do you want to see pictures of my Guinea pig? “ C: (ignores me and then not even 10 seconds later, she talks about herself)
This is generally what everyone who I’ve talked to about her has said. They agree. They’ve said she’s extremely manipulative, self centered, and rude. I’ve totally realized this now and hate having to be around her. I’ve talked to some friends about it and C’s cousin told me that she’s always been like this. According to C’s cousin (A), C has always been a very manipulative person. A then said that we should stop talking to her all together. Some of my other close friends agreed, and said that it’s time we leave C in the dust for good.
(Now for my trouble and what id like to get some advice on) How do I stop being friends with her? I have pros and cons listed below and how this makes it hard for me to break up the friendship. Pros are what’s easy and good, cons are what makes it really hard for me, and gives me anxiety.
Pros: -most people don’t like C. -all of my friends, and some of C’s, don’t like her. -a friend of C and I recently left town and moved away, so C has slowly started to be less close with me.
Cons: -C and I both meet at a convenience store before school with all of our friends. -I have my last class period of the school day with C. -C and I cross paths multiple times when getting to our other classes -C spreads rumors like crazy, and is totally foul with her lies.
With all these conditions, what do I do? Should I just cut it off and hope for the best? Try to stop talking to her? It’s really hurting my brain trying to just get her toxic ass away from me.
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2021.11.30 22:09 Intelligent_Ad_825 🦸 SuperBNB | 7% Automatic BNB Rewards | Just Launched | Huge Marketing 🚀 | Dont Miss Out 🚀

🦸 SuperBNB supports the BNB community and contributes to the BNB ecosystem. Every buy and sell bring more volume for BNB and increases the burn!! Earn BNB every day automatically 🦸
🚀 New project (not even launched yet)
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Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x57a738c4c59dee6a0592bdafa2ad1f1d58c56cff
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x2bDF47c8cE9712Aa2b6ffE66233bF187E0C7285b
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x57a738c4c59dee6a0592bdafa2ad1f1d58c56cff#readContract
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2021.11.30 22:09 xXrektinator11Xx troll forgot how to spell

troll forgot how to spell submitted by xXrektinator11Xx to confidentlyincorrect [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 22:09 androidheadunit Constantly slippery wooden deck staircase to rental entry, landlord doesn't care; solutions?

Sorry for the wall of text, just not sure how to approach the situation.
I rent a room in a basement that's at ground level of a house built into the hill. Front is one story above. There is a wooden deck that goes around the house to our entry.
Above the top step of stairs there is a leak in the gutter that is constantly dripping and freezing as this side doesn't receive any sunshine at all. It is extremely dangerous from build up and the roommates mention nothing was done about it last year. We haven't even gotten that much snow yet so I'm worried when it eventually does.
I asked the landlord's husband about it and he said he tried fixing it last year to no avail. When I mentioned we need to do something as it's super slippery like salt but that damages wood or sand. he said thanks for reminding and will get salt for us to use.
Nothing has come of it and I purchased my own salt but want to check with him before use. (Need to go through the landlady)
Anything else I could suggest? I'm not even sure if salt will help if it's constantly dripping down. Shovelling just compacts the snow adding to the slipperyness as it doesn't have the metal snow biting bar across the bottom. The other side of the house is just grass and I'm debating of just walking through it if they continue to do nothing, I also think they won't care in general.
I dealt with the same problem but even worse situation at my previous rental (dishwasher releasing water out over our staircase and because of it actually asked if they handle the shoveling before taking the place. She said yes but it turns out he only handles the front and we were provided shovels.
I'm still here for two more months (not sure if to extend because of this) and a roommate is moving out so I guess they'll see the danger for themselves eventually during showings.
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2021.11.30 22:09 ComiX-Fan December 1st saw the premiere of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in Los Angeles in 2018! Celebrate the anniversary of its release with this gallery of Marvel Spider-Verse covers!

December 1st saw the premiere of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in Los Angeles in 2018! Celebrate the anniversary of its release with this gallery of Marvel Spider-Verse covers! submitted by ComiX-Fan to MakeMineMarvel [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 22:09 harryblottter This playlist started off with a few songs I heard in Reservoir Dogs, and grew into one of my main playlists :)

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2021.11.30 22:09 hiyono If you're stuck on hard mode BS1-7, force quit the app if you're losing on an attempt

It'll send you back to the beginning of the fight when you reopen the app so you can try again without losing stamina. Unfortunately, it won't send you back to the menu, just the start of the battle, so I recommend trying when you're low-ish on stamina and have a comp that you think can actually win.
It's honestly a little ridiculous that they instituted such a harsh penalty for failure when stamina is already so hard to come by and the event is actually this hard, but hopefully this helps a little.
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2021.11.30 22:09 Larrow "Kanye West"?

More like "Ye null".
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2021.11.30 22:09 Manny514 Asian Canadian rising star Lil Waterboi releases Shang-Chi-inspired song - "Ten Rings" - featuring Mixed Miyagi (Florida) & Ace Autumn (Toronto)

Hey :) Check out the latest single from Lil Waterboi, a Asian Canadian music artist, producer, and graphic designer, as well as the CEO of Bahay Collective, a creative studio in Montreal.
Inspired by Marvel's Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Lil Waterboi’s latest single captures both the spirit of the film and its 88Rising-produced soundtrack. The track features two more rising artists from the Vietnamese diaspora – Ace Autumn (Toronto) and Mixed Miyagi (Florida).
Check out the song below and let us know what you think https://open.spotify.com/track/3LdOIHVMrTPysMDxkKajoK?si=91ac98f0cf2e4729
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2021.11.30 22:09 kmculber Relinquishing Rights to Estranged Child

A friend of mine has an 8 year old child from a previous relationship. He has not seen or been in contact with this child in over 8 years, and is not in contact with the mother. The mother has since remarried and they live in a different state 7+ hours away (US). My understanding is that the child's mother is hostile and uninterested in allowing a relationship between my friend and his son. My friend has to pay child support for this child. He tries to pay, but over the years has continuously fallen behind and is caught up in this cycle of falling behind & losing his license. The whole process has made it difficult for him to keep a job and caused him to be unable to care for his other children (with whom he is in contact with).
Is it possible or reasonable that my friend could relinquish his rights to this estranged child and no longer be obligated to pay child support for a child he does not (and cannot see). How would one go about starting that process?
submitted by kmculber to legal [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 22:09 VanillaShake-700 Poem/Rap Stress!!😡🤬🤯

Think my mind is kind of mad
Think my mind has fucking had…
Too much stress it’s fucking sad
All this stress is really bad
and all this stress, is making me feel… so depressed it’s not a fad
Like what to do Last place I work at was like a zoo
And other place Like should I sue?
so stressed out I feel so blue
Need some money
This ain’t funny
No income, feelings crummy
Need a new plan
Need a few grand
Stress is like some sinking damn sand
I can’t take the stress anymore
Stress is making minds health so poor
Think I need some pills from the store
Need solution
Need a new one
And this stress is never so fun
It’s real bad and ever so dumb
Try so hard but still never won
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2021.11.30 22:09 Picklesthebirb Does anybody else remember when baby zombies didn’t burn in the day?

I swear there was a time when that baby zombies did not burn I kept getting attacked by them in the day I swear. Maybe my brains just playing tricks on me.
submitted by Picklesthebirb to Minecraft [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 22:09 Vailedbucket I tried to make one of those hyper edited.exe videos, tell me how I did!

I tried to make one of those hyper edited.exe videos, tell me how I did! submitted by Vailedbucket to halo [link] [comments]