r/Senri87 is the winner of 10 Nuclear key cards🗝️ 🎉 Congrats! 🎉

2021.11.30 22:10 PhillyRush r/Senri87 is the winner of 10 Nuclear key cards🗝️ 🎉 Congrats! 🎉

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2021.11.30 22:10 thedarkknightmight Just a friendly reminder!

I feel like this word gets over used, but this entire subreddit, is literally evil...
Mocking your deceased neighbor cuz you don't agree with their politics = Scumbag×Infinity...
Goodluck in the next life, where we receive our karma for eternity.
I hope God's more merciful than I imagine, for you and the like.
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2021.11.30 22:10 Real-Meaning-6466 Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge--Full Length

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2021.11.30 22:10 SawyerAnimations Do y’all like this banana animation?

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2021.11.30 22:10 Educational-Crab-595 How do I find out a cryptocurrency that can go 100x in 2022?

A token that has a good usecase can give you good returns. These kind of tokens are more acceptable in the community.
WONO is one such token. The mission of the project is to create a transparent and convenient freelance exchange where freelancers may earn on their tokens by staking them. Or, they can pay for their subscription using the token and save money.
They want to create a vast community of customers and freelancers all over the world and develop a new model of financial relationship, by using blockchain and crypto-technologies.
Token listing on Mdex is incoming. Media partnership with Huobi and Mdex. Development of the NTF certification system, launch of NFT certification and more.
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2021.11.30 22:10 chokeonvegemite I’m hooked

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2021.11.30 22:10 VintageVanlife The transtar is the big one

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2021.11.30 22:10 AdIntelligent1416 Looking for friends for daily gifts:)

0934 3573 3313
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2021.11.30 22:10 Faith_2320 I am about to take my last exam I am so scared 😣😩

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2021.11.30 22:10 VastDentist7926 Can someone please help me idk what this means

So I (20 f) went to my uni library last week and noticed this stunning girl walk in, she looked at me when she did and then when I went up to change seats to go sit with my friend, she looked up at me from her seat. Today I went to the library again to finish my work and she was there with her friend and she looked at me and I looked at her but she didn’t look away and we held eye contact for about 2 long seconds. Then I went up to go print and I had to walk past the room she was in and she was looking at me but I pretended I didn’t notice and then when I came back to my seat I had to walk past her again and she looked at me again. Then I left the library and she was outside the library too and we looked at each other for about 2 seconds again. Idk if I’m making it big in my head cuz I’m attracted to her, but do you think she feels the same?
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2021.11.30 22:10 eriruthe More Ace Family terribly built house footage

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2021.11.30 22:10 Comfortable_Hat_3629 Does anyone have wheat or sugar available?

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2021.11.30 22:10 DmDaxxon Lofi track, love any comments or critiques. Sex cult protocol - Decadent

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2021.11.30 22:10 Embarrassed_Loquat46 Lindon made with artbreeder (blackflame and pure madra)

Lindon made with artbreeder (blackflame and pure madra)
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2021.11.30 22:10 Not_Red_lol Alright so, new person here, and I have a quick question

How the hell do you tuck???
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2021.11.30 22:10 brokenclokc Who was so good in bed that they frequently become the focal point of a masturbation session, or get you over the line during sex?

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2021.11.30 22:10 oldretard SBCL: New in version 2.1.11

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2021.11.30 22:10 -pleasemakeitstop- 2016 Volt, bad AC Compressor

Just found out my car was not charging due to a failed AC compressor. This will be covered under the Voltec warranty but I was wondering if the car is safe to drive while they wait for the backordered part?
I know the AC kicks on to help cool the batteries so I would assume it would be a bad plan to drive the car without it? Apparently they are on backorder with no known delivery in sight.
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2021.11.30 22:10 AggressiveCompany523 Sub 4 Sub?

NBA Highlights - Hornets vs. Bulls! LaMelo Ball 18 Pts 13 Asts vs. Lonzo Ball 16 Pts 8 Asts!
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2021.11.30 22:10 awesomecoolguy2 Big T’s entire political view is just that libs are the enemy.

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2021.11.30 22:10 iampsychic Diagnostics says 100% sync but last challenged is unavailable.

I just got my hotspot set up yesterday, it's been 30hrs since it's been syncing. I checked using diagnostics today and it says Blockchain sync is 100% but when I go check hotspotty it still says it's syncing. On top of that, it says last challenged is unavailable. Is this all normal?
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2021.11.30 22:10 AtomicReggi Bloody poop out of nowhere

(TLDR below)
I do plan to call my doc first thing tomorrow, but I’m hoping you all can help me get a grip on what’s happening while I wait for them to open.
I’m 33f with a 13 year history of IBS and occasional colon polyps. I know garlic, sugar, skins of peppers and skins of potatoes all trigger diarrhea, extreme flatulence, and occasional sharp pains in my abdomen.
I had a colonoscopy earlier this month and there were no signs of polyps, no sign of ulcerative colitis. Phew!
For the last two months I’ve been eating a mostly plant-based diet with meat and dairy thrown in a couple days a week and my gut has been behaving pretty well up until this morning:
On and off through the day I’ve had cramps that felt menstrual, meaning they were like a deep and dull ache far within my abdomen, where my usual IBS cramps are more sharp, focused in one spot and closer to the surface. Also I’m not expecting my period for another 10 days. I had diarrhea a few times today, too. So far I’ve been chalking all of this up to me eating atypical foods for my diet in the last 24 hours, which include a Johnsonville Italian sausage and a half a cup of Cheetos.
But the really scary thing for me is that just now (5pm) I had diarrhea and for the first time in my life it was bloody! It was bright, fresh looking blood in clear mucus all mixed with liquid stool. I’m still having cramps but they are subtle for now.
What could be happening? Is this just from eating greasy food one time?
TLDR: Managing IBS with mostly plant-based diet. Ate a sausage and now pooping bloody diarrhea w/deep cramping in abdomen. Colonoscopy negative for colitis and polyps.
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2021.11.30 22:10 Limp-Government2965 $MDC | Monster Doge | King of Doge rewards 7% Reflections, Just Launched, Coin Gecko, CMC coming soon 💎x1000 GEM

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LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x98c1Ae43c7ca05da957bbEc60891E1Ca0Ea123B4
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x504a2fb248e00a89b332a61a7029a9549201fa10#readContract
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2021.11.30 22:10 ffmape Comex contracts standing for delivery is the highest percentage of comex registered stocks since the blowout month of July 2020. The bleed from comex registered is tightening the market.

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2021.11.30 22:10 cupfulofstars Recurring Uterine Polyps

39F with recurring symptomatic uterine polyps. I’ve had three polypectomy procedures done in the last three years, most recently in March 2021. I was making it about a year between recurrences but now I’m only about 7 months out from the last one and now they seem to have returned again already only 7 months later. My husband and I are not ready to throw in the towel on another baby just yet so endometrial ablation is not something I’m willing to consider right now. For that reason and others, I also cannot take hormonal birth control.
My doctor, who I respect and trust, has indicated that aside from an ablation or hormonal birth control, our only real option is to continue surgically removing the polyps. That seemed ok when it was a once-a-year thing, but I don’t know about having to do something like that more than once a year.
I also experience hormonal issues with my irregular bleeding, so even if I could handle the bleeding, it’s the extreme breast tenderness, heaviness, and swelling, bloating, mood swings, etc that come along with it that make me feel like I am trapped in a never ending cycle of PMS and menstrual discomfort.
Why do they keep coming back and why are they coming back sooner now? Is it reasonable to just continue having these polypectomies once or twice every year? Is it possible my doctor isn’t effectively removing them? At what point would a second opinion be advisable?
I am frustrated and emotionally exhausted and I feel sad and hopeless about my chances of being able to have another baby ☹️. Looking for some expert opinions. TIA
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