Sure that's why she kept/keeps photoshopping her bump 打

2021.11.30 21:56 Appropriate_Paint98 Sure that's why she kept/keeps photoshopping her bump 打

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2021.11.30 21:56 melanincat share your most controversial wrestling opinion of 2021

heres mine. im ready for the heat. im a person who does not like conflict and bickering at all. so my unpopular opinion is that wwe having no competition is a good thing because a lot of the community has become split between wwe and aew and theres so much more bickering in the wrestling community now because of it. i use to pray for world peace every night so夷 guess i just want more peace in the wrestling communityi wasnt alive but im sure wwe buying wcw forced more people to come together in the wrestling community. the rivalry between the fans is getting petty. i was on an indy wrestlers instagram live where grown men and women was bullying a teenager (me) for not knowing who eddie kingston is
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2021.11.30 21:56 Almost_Blue_ Chicago Railways [X100V]

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2021.11.30 21:56 slowinvesting These guys are relentless with the interviews nd press! Another one for us club members: Plant Based Marketplace VEJJI is about to Sky Rocket!

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2021.11.30 21:56 i_eat_pussy_wet Want: Knight Have: Everything except Espirit

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2021.11.30 21:56 UnderRaincoats [For Hire] $300 For 1 Month of Social Media Content Creation and Management

Get 1 month of consistent high quality, engaging social media content for just $300. Just check out my portfolio: Allana Wryt Portfolio
You can expect the following:

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2021.11.30 21:56 Slow-Lingonberry2277 Trying to call santa . He wants to be his helper lol

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2021.11.30 21:56 j1mb0ggart stoned open.

My boyfriend makes me feel the most loved when he is stoned. He's a really put together, calm and rational guy but he isnt very emotional with me? He will baby talk and tell me he loves me but nothing much deeper than that. Last night we had a Blunt and ended up in our local gym, making a stupid obstacle course and fucking around. He stopped and took a breath and said to me "everything feels good when you're around. it's like you come near and it feels like a glow. I love you' it was so sweet. I dont have anyone to tell about this so I feel nice just venting it out online to strangers i guess... the loneliness is really hitting tonight.
I think I just really love it when he's like this. It makes me feel appreciated instead of usually when he's sober and sometimes i wonder if he even wants me here. There is the issue of kissing though. we dont kiss well together, it doesnt flow it's all stuttery and last night he straight up just said it had killed the whole vibe. so I've thought about it all day and remain embarrassed and upset over it and I have gone back to feeling unloved I guess. today is not the day. I really wish I had a friend in my life.
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2021.11.30 21:56 a_tortured_artist Reshiram/Zekrom raids? 0190 2624 0044

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2021.11.30 21:56 Igor_InSpectatorMode Los Alamos from a different angle

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2021.11.30 21:56 boogerboy12345 Why take the derivative of an integral?

I am learning the fundamental theorem of calculus rn and I'm just confused as to why you would do this. Where's the application? I haven't learned nearly any application for this concept at school and I just dont quite get why we do it. I understand the process (it's very very easy so far) but if I could tie it to something I feel like that would help me understand it a little better. Thanks!
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2021.11.30 21:56 DeverusX Greece to impose monthly fine on unvaccinated adults over 60

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2021.11.30 21:56 PurpleKey4885 Cutest cartoon ever

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2021.11.30 21:56 ZeldaAyers Father charged in shooting death of former UCF running back Otis Anderson Jr.

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2021.11.30 21:56 fanboyx27 Just realized I havent seen that movie in forever.

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2021.11.30 21:56 UpperImprovement8848 Wrx sti powered Subaru outback (work in progress)

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2021.11.30 21:56 slowdivesicilian Heather - The Veldt. A remarkably under-appreciated piece of shoegaze. They were revolutionaries.

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2021.11.30 21:56 dabsallday2020 Come fall in love Black Friday sale & deals! Link in profile, message me for details 20% off sale

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2021.11.30 21:56 BigBobsBassBeats-B4 RIP

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2021.11.30 21:56 The_Curious_Gorilla Wrong answers only

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2021.11.30 21:56 maria_terano Graphs of new cases in NSW

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2021.11.30 21:56 Dahata13666 First strike on kog worth it?

Did a test in practice mode and with just wit's end and berserkers, you get +60g for just using W on a champ, without any other damage, with a full build, it's ~330 gold every time you press W. I'll try out in norms, so i don't wreck someones ranked if it doesn't work, but is it worth instead of lethal? the range is nice and attack speed cap removal is nice too, but that money tho. You essentially get +4 caster minions worth of gold every time you fight, and if you manage to win those fights, you get an even higher gold reward for it, heck even fighting feeder enemies becomes someone worth it when whatever they're worth get's increased by at least 60 gold. When I try it in-game, I'll update this post, and while it probably won't be an "OMG MUST PICK RUNE FOR KOG!" result, maybe it will at least be an option.
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2021.11.30 21:56 DuckChase624 Major Life Milestone

Im very new to this sub so I apologize if this is a bit unconventional but here goes:
Ive been in a relationship for almost a year and a half now, and its been amazing. My boyfriend and I have been doing so well, and it has been my absolute best and happiest relationship yet. Ive been in three relationships before, but they all had their fair share of issues - fighting, drama, general friction, etc. but since my boyfriend and I began dating, we have never fought. Not once. We do our best to make each other happy and we do it well. I am so happy with him, and I truly love spending every minute with him. My friends joke that were both betas, but honestly we just enjoy making each other happy - its what makes us happy. We dont have the exact same interests and theres plenty that each of us like and dislike, but Id say we complement each other well and the things we do have in common are what we bonded so well over. We appreciate each others interests and enjoy learning about our hobbies. But heres where trouble begins:
A few weeks ago, I noticed he was acting a little strange when we went out to dinner. We got back to my apartment and hed said he wanted to talk. Technically, it wasnt anything bad; hes been trying to move out of his parents house in the city (hes been out of school for two years and has worked full time for a year) and hes been checking out places to buy. Hes looking at condos in the city, and thats where he wants to live. Heres my problem: I dont want to live in the city, particularly this one let alone this state. I want to move away once I finish college in two years for my own reasons and for my career, and Id also rather live in a house than a condo. But we sat down and talked through his game plan, and eventually it boiled down to what we want in life. It seems he is set on living in the city in a condo, and he does not want kids; I dont even want to live in this state beyond college, and Ive entertained having kids before - even to him. Now, in the past Ive been on the fence about kids because I dont know how I feel about raising children with two fathers (Im a man ) for the sake of my kids maybe getting bullied, but to be honest, closing the door on kids is a dealbreaker, and I realize thats a major thing for couples.
As time has passed, Ive noticed that we have differing religious and political views. I wont say what each of us believe in, and I realize this is also something many couples challenge themselves to find common ground on, but weve acknowledged it before and we always have nice conversations about our perspectives. Well talk about issues or current events, and its just another nice conversation. My issue with this is it feels like at some point in the future there is going to be a point where the values and beliefs we have are going to cause a lot of friction. Something will come up or one of us will snap, and it might prove to be too much to handle. It seems to be a game of testing how long either of us can go without bringing up our political and religious beliefs. I know its okay when it is brought up, but sometimes I wonder if it would be better to be with someone that shares my values. I just feel lost, and were both worried about the long term because we know we want different things. Whats saving us now is that we still love spending time with each other, and Im still in school for another two years.
TL;DR: My boyfriend and I are at a point where were starting our lives and careers soon, but we have differing values and beliefs, and we want to live in different places. He wants to live here, no kids, and have a mortgage, but Id like to leave this state and maybe have kids some day.
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2021.11.30 21:56 MemerovDankh Could the Oath Rod have prevented the breaking of the world?

So theoretically, let's say all the male channelers at the end of the age of legends were sworn by the oath rod to not use the One Power to harm someone (except in defense of life) the way the modern day Aes Sedai are.
Would this mean that even if the Dark One's taint makes them go insane, they still wouldn't be able to kill people and cause the breaking of the world?
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